Chengjiang Fauna

Chengjiang Fauna
The chordate Haikouichthys, part of the Chengjiang fauna, may be the oldest creatures related with human being. It’s shedding new light on the Cambrian Explosion.
Great Discovery from the Maotian Mountain

Yunnan Chengjiang a small hill, Chinese scientists have discovered a large number of back 5.3 billion ...MORE>
Scientists of China uncover the secrets of “Cambrian explosion”

Life on Earth when it appeared in large numbers? Chinese scientists, "20 years of grinding sword...MORE>
Searching for Cambrian’s Breath in Yunnan Chengjiang county

Tianshan Mountains in the cap, many scientists have never seen a succession of strange paleontology will...MORE>
New Vetulicolia Was Found Through the Study of Yunnan Guanshan Faun

Kuanshan fauna ancient discovery of new species of insects show that ancient animals and insects not...MORE>
Fossils of Chengjia Fauna

Chengjiang County in Yunnan Province of South East Tianshan cap as early as the early Cambrian...MORE>
Chengjiang Fauna: Special Fossil Lagerstltte

Chengjiang fauna mainly buried in mudstone or sandstone, there are a large number of software prints...MORE>
Walk up to Fossils of Chengjia Fauna

Chengjiang County, Yunnan Province of South East Tianshan cap as early as the early Cambrian...MORE>
Exploring the Mysteries of Life

ince the emergence of life after 30 million years time, has been in the form of single-cell...MORE>
Exploring the Mysteries of Life
Knocking on the Mysterious Door of Paleontology—the Growing Experience of a Young Fossil Fan
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Chengjiang Fauna applying for world natural heritage
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