Jehol Biota

Jehol Biota
The Jehol fauna boasts an array of spectacularly well-preserved fossils, such as Sinosauropteryx, a feathered dinosaur, and first flower in world
Chinese Research on Ancient Lissamphibians

Waterloo body amphibians represents the name of all amphibians are born...MORE>
amazed Jehol Fossil Lagerstltte

Jehol Group Yixian Formation and Jiufotang group, perhaps a bit strange to say so...MORE>
New discovery in Jehol Biota research, Eoconfuciusornis zhengi

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology...MORE>
Jehol Biota research in China

Capital Normal University, College of Life Sciences Professor Ren Dong group in northern China...MORE>
A great discover of Jehol Biota study

Nanjing Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biology, Chen Pi-based researchers...MORE>
The invaluable asset of Jehol Biota is in danger

Jehol Biota in western Liaoning of China over the past decade in paleontology research attention...MORE>
Chinese scientists found river lamprey fossil in the Jehol Biota

Chinese paleontologists found in Jehol Biota has now more than 100 million years ago...MORE>
Jeholornis prima

Jehol the original era of bird life, just live in an age than archeopteryx later point...MORE>
Plant fossil in the Jehol Biota
Solve the mystery of Chaoyang Beipiao gigantic dinosaur fossil
Sinosauropteryx fossil
New discovery confirms that Confuciusornis sanctus lived on fish
Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geological Park
Liaoning paleoangiosperm fossil
Psittacosaurus fossil
Microraptor gui fossil
Dromaeosaurus fossil of the Western Liaoning Area
Dinosaur list of the Jehol Biota